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Braenchild Media provides a range of media services, including graphic design, proofreading, editing, and copywriting. We specialise in exhibition design. 


Design Brief: Unearthed 2015

Willhemina Wahlin

The design brief for Unearthed is almost done, and although it has taken a little bit more time than I'd planned (because work keeps popping up), it has been a very rewarding thing to pull together. One thing that is still missing from this brief is the section. This was discussed in a meeting with my PhD Supervisor yesterday (Margaret Woodward), who suggested that the binary system I'm developing use key words from the text that is being collected, so that it's more project specific. An excellent idea, and actually goes a long way to helping me resolve the issue of what should be in the list. I was hoping to get this new list completed yesterday, but grading and a bunch of other issues came up. So, off to a meeting this morning, and then the list will be top of my list!

The Binary system for typographic identification

A part of the the development of the CHaSSM (Critical Hermeneutic and Social Semiotic Multimodality) Method of analysis, the binary list is being developed as a possible means of drawing tacit knowledge from all team members of a project. It will be printed out and filled out by hand, to allow for a more free flow of thought, allow for extra notes, and allow for a quick turn around.

If team members such as curatorial, local partner stakeholders and the designer all complete the form, cross referencing can be done to draw on the most common key words that people associate with the project. These words can then assist in the interpretive stages of design, particularly when choosing typefaces to represent people's testimonies.

Individual binary sheets can also be used for projects that will treat testimonies individually. This is more feasible in projects that only have one language.