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Ferguson Voices: A bigger picture


Ferguson Voices: A bigger picture

Willhemina Wahlin

Today, The New York Times reported that St Anthony Police Officer, Jeronimo Yanez, who shot and killed Philando Castile on 6 July 2016 has been convicted of second-degree manslaughter.

The case of Castile's shooting went viral around the world after his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, went live on Facebook when they were pulled over, the entire event also going live. Castile had been pulled over for minor traffic infractions 49 times in the past 13 years.

The paper also put an an infographic that details police shootings that resulted in the deaths of 13 African Americans since 2014: Out of those 13 shootings, only 7 have resulted in any indictment or charges being laid, and of those, none so far have resulted in a conviction.

Latest designs for Ferguson Voices

After the last post, I kept working on ideas for the direction of the exhibition. Ive been working on the logo first because from this, all of the other design will come. It will visually encapsulate the idea of the project, so it has been quite a challenge.

I kept coming back to the idea of place, and so focused in on the boundaries of Ferguson itself. Below is a range of ideas that resulted from this round of experiments.

The decision has been narrowed down to one (much to my relief, it's the one I also liked!).

Other feedback I've received has included two binary sheets (see below) and some feedback directly related to the graphic and typeface. It has been really helpful in giving me a direction to take it next. Included in the binaries below is also mine.  From now I'll work on refining the logo and experimenting with panels (which I've started to do, but with the other typeface).